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The world of traffic evolves fast! Just think of the rise of the self-driving car. Besides the traditional governments, road admissions and public traffic firms, traffic becomes more than ever big business for trendy firms. Examples are Google, Tesla and Uber or fun apps like Moovit and Waze. In most cities, you can already find car and bike sharing systems (e.g. Villo, Cambio and Car2Go) and enterprises that provide completely integrated packages of Mobility-as-a-Service and want to ban private cars to the history lessons. Are you one of the young ambitious engineers of this new generation and would you like to help this revolution?

The world of logistics is constantly changing. Familiar terms such as e-commerce are in fact a super dynamic logistic machine with a webstore as visible outing: when you click on ‘buy now’, somewhere in Utrecht or Dresden a machine pops into action and within 24 hours  your purchase is delivered at your front door anywhere in Belgium. Behind the scenes, optimization stays the key word. Airplanes, vans and cargo-bikes today, maybe in the future drones or automatic vans, will deliver your packages. The same process appears in the supply chain of enterprises that constantly redesigns due to new players, different prices and new technologies like 3D printing, since the old solutions became too expensive or dispensable. Do you advance your business to be a logistic winner?


On this website you can find more information on the Master of Science in Engineering: Logistics and Traffic.

This master program forms engineering students in traffic and intelligent transporation systems (design, maintenance and management of infrastructure and (public) transportation systems), and in logistics and transportation (supply chain engineering, distribution logistics…).

The program is all about understanding the complex interaction between logistics and traffic and optimizing processes in logistics, traffic or both. The focus is on the application and consequences of new (intelligent) transportation technologies (automated vehicles, Mobility As A Service, etc.).

This master is a European-Accredited Engineering Master Degree Programme.     Certificate

TML Thesis Prize 2017

Sander Van Aken, KU Leuven, Master Logistics and Traffic, received the first prize (1 000 euro) with his thesis: 'Optimal timetables for temporarily unavailable tracks' (summary - complete thesis)

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