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Welcome to the website of the Division of Applied Mechanics and Energy Conversion (TME) of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

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Doctoral theses can be downloaded from the doctorates page.

Recent papers

An overview of publications can be found in the KU Leuven repository Lirias.

  • Walraven, D., Laenen, B., D’haeseleer, W., 2013. Comparison of thermodynamic cycles for power production from low-temperature geothermal heat sources. Energy Conversion and Management, 66: 220-233.
  • Cao, S., Meyers, J., 2012. Influence of turbulent boundary conditions on RANS simulations of pollutant dispersion in mechanically ventilated enclosures with transitional slot Reynolds number. Building and Environment 59: 397-407.
  • Saenen, T., Baelmans, T., 2013. Size effects of a portable two-phase electronics cooling loop. Applied Thermal Engineering 50: 1174-1185.
  • Cao, S., Meyers, J., 2012. On the construction and use of linear low-dimensional ventilation models. Indoor Air 22(5): 427-441.
  • Meyers, J., Meneveau, C., 2012. Flow visualization using momentum and energy transport tubes and applications to turbulent flow in wind farms. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, accepted: October 2012.
  • Persoons, T., Saenen, T., Van Oevelen, T., Baelmans, T., 2012. Effect of Flow Pulsation on the Heat Transfer Performance of a Microchannel Heat Sink. Journal of Heat Transfer 134(9): 091702.
  • Keyaerts, N., D'haeseleer, W., 2012. Increasing efficiency through market-based cross-border procurement of gas-balancing services in Europe. Energy 47(1): 564-576.
  • Verhelst, C., Degrauwe, D., Logist, F., Van Impe, J., Helsen, L., 2012. Multi-objective optimal control of an air-to-water heat pump for residential heating. Building Simulation 5(3): 43-53.
  • Baetens, R., De Coninck, R., Van Roy, J., Verbruggen, B., Driesen, J., Helsen, L., Saelens, D., 2012. Assessing electrical bottlenecks at feeder level for residential net zero-energy buildings by integrated system simulation. Applied Energy 96: 74-83.
  • Dekeyser, W., Reiter, D., Baelmans, T., 2012. Divertor Design through Shape Optimization. Contributions to Plasma Physics, 52(5-6): 544-549.


Head of the division
Prof. Dr. ir. William D'haeseleer

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