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Welcome at our division!

Welcome to the website of the Division of Applied Mechanics and Energy Conversion (TME) of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Research Groups


Doctoral theses can be downloaded from the doctorates page.

Division meetings

At the TME division meeting PhD students of the division get the floor to present their research work to a broader public that is well acquainted with energy related research topics. The meeting takes place every two weeks during the lecturing period. Presentations are held at the department of Mechanical Engineering (Celestijnenlaan 300, 3001 Leuven, Room 02.52

Presentations for this semester are:

  • Monday 03rd of October 2016, 13h - 14h: Cornelia Nita, On the MGopt method for optimal control of turbulent flows
  • Tuesday 18th of October 2016, 13h-14h: Wim Munters, On the influence of wind turbine response time in optimal coordinated control of wind-farm large-eddy simulations
  • Tuesday 08th of November 2016, 13h-14h: Filip Jorissen, Framework for Automated Model Predictive Controller Development in Buildings - Status and Future Work
  • Monday 21st of November 2016, 13h-14h: Brecht Baeten, Life cycle impact of residential heating using heat pumps and  thermal energy storage
  • Tuesday 06th of December 2016, 13h-14h: Ali Emre Yilmaz, Development of Turbine Models for Optimal Control of Wind Farms
  • Monday 19th December 2016, 13h-14h: Bart Peremans, Limits of latent heat storage charging

Recent papers

An overview of all publications can be found on our publication page.