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Biomedical Engineering


Presentation Master Biomedical Engineering (in Dutch)

Masterkeuzeavond 7 december 2016


The role of technology in contemporary medicine has evolved considerably over the past decades. Computers and other high-tech devices are essential in hospitals, rehabilitation centres and private medical practices. Moreover, fundamental insights into the functioning of the human body have increased through the application of engineering to understanding tissue generation and regeneration, physiological processes and locomotion.

The Master of Engineering: Biomedical Engineering provides students with a state-of-the-art overview of all areas in biomedical engineering: biomechanics, biomaterials, medical sensors and signal processing, medical imaging and tissue engineering. Teaching builds upon the top-class research that is conducted by the staff, most of whom are members of the Leuven Medical Technology Centre. This network facilitates industrial fellowships, design projects and Master's theses completed in industry and in internationally recognized research labs.

Biomedical engineers are educated to integrate engineering science and basic medical knowledge. This competence is trained in coursework, practical exercises, interactive sessions, a design project and a Master's thesis project. Upon graduating, biomedical engineers are employed in the medical device industry, in hospitals, research centres and in government. The broad technological education also makes biomedical engineers attractive to various classical industrial sectors. Admission requirements

Download here the brochure "Master of Engineering: Biomedical Engineering"


Industrial Advisory Board for Biomedical Engineering


The staff of the master program in Biomedical Engineering has been maintaining good contacts with the biomedical industry for many years. In September 2015 this was formalized with the foundation of the Industrial Advisory Board for Biomedical Engineering. As one of the stakeholders of the program, this Advisory Board can play a crucial role in the analysis of future needs and in the assessment of the objectives and content of the program. The Industrial Advisory Board can provide important input to ensure the high quality of the educational program and to improve it even further.

The Industrial Advisory Board consists of the following members (picture, left to right)

- Hilde Van Campenhout, Novartis;
- Carl Van Himbeeck, Cochlear Technology Centre;
- Carl Van Lierde, Dentsply Implants NV;
- Katrien Baeck, Nobel Biocare;
- Fien Burg, RSscan International;
- Eline Coppens, Pfizer;
- Hartmut Spitaels († 2016), Rosellini Scientific Benelux;
- Liesbeth Goossens, Mobelife;
- Louis Peeraer, Mobilab;
Caroline Cooreman, Altran en Johnson&Johnson is not on the picture.

Postgraduate Programme in Biomedical Engineering

More information about this postgraduate programme.

Erasmus Master BMT

More information.


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