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CIB - Centre for Industrial Management / Traffic and Infrastructure


Our research focuses on several topics of operational research, knowledge management, systematic innovation, logistics management, total quality management, maintenance management, industrial organisation, transportation and distribution planning, traffic policy analysis and transport system analysis, systematic design of transport networks, intelligent transportation systems, safety, accessibility and sustainability (environment) aspects of the transport system.


Leuven Mobility Research Center

CIB is one of the founding groups L-Mob, the KU Leuven Mobility Research Center. This center brings together and integrates complementary expertise on mobility, infrastructure, logistics and environment.



New Master course started academic year 2011-2012.




Cooperation with Industry

The Centre operates as a partner for industrial, governmental and service organisations. Different forms of cooperation are possible: projects, theses, and training.



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Our address and easy instructions on how to reach us.


The Centre organises the bachelor's programme "Bedrijfsbeheer".

The Centre is also heavily involved in the option Manufacturing and Management of the master's programme Mechanical Engineering.

The division Traffic Planning and Highway Engineering takes care of two courses and three projects within the master programme of Civil Engineering.