Biomechanics Section (BMe)




The division "Biomechanics" is a multi-disciplinary institute situated in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Our division is having a strong expertise in both numerical and experimental analyses of human structure and function. Research topics cover the broad spectrum of length scales present in the human body: from cells to tissues and from organs to the entire body and its interaction with the environment. Research is clustered around four main topics: bone and implant mechanics, mechanobiology and tissue engineering, computer aided engineering in surgery, and functional biomechanical design and analysis. Many projects run in collaboration with clinical partners. The research activities are reflected in the teaching activities of the division. We provide basic engineering mechanics and engineering design in the bachelor years and provide several courses for the Master in Biomedical Engineering.



Division Spokesman Prof. Hans Van Oosterwyck
Division Secretary Mrs. Rita Vanroelen (Mon-Thu) - Mrs. Brigitte Corthouts (Fri)
Address KU Leuven
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Division BMe
Celestijnenlaan 300C
B-3001 Heverlee, Belgium
Telephone + 32 16 32 70 96
Fax + 32 16 32 79 94